Edge Retiring/Perspective

Some of you reading this may be unaware of how important wrestling is, not just to me but to many people. It is always a sad day when someone has to retire, especially when it is someone of such history and presence like Edge. Let me tell the “haters of wrestling” the back story on offer here. 8 Years ago Edge broke his back and needed a plate in his neck, where they have to move the throat across and it is very in depth surgery. He took the risk of the surgery to carry on his career. He also needed the surgery to actually carry on living a good life. He has been wrestling on ‘borrowed’ time. Recently he has been experiences tremors in his arms and uncontrollable shakes. He has taken the decision to retire now after an MRI machine shows that if he doesn’t retire now, he will end up in a wheelchair.
So basically, to all of those people who preach that pro wrestling is “completely fake”, look at these consequences and see how dangerous it can be. It is giving me perspective and proves how happy I am with people putting their lives on the line to entertain me. Hate on that haters.

By theryangoodman Posted in My Life

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