Forwarding Time

Have you ever felt that you wanted to forward time so much that it was all you could think about. I would love to move time forward to a stage where I was older and that I could take my relationship with P further. When I say she is my girlfriend, it doesn’t seem to count toward how I feel or what is appropriate for how we are in our relationship. I think about what I would like to do but know I am far too young to do anything.

To add to the point above I would like to start Uni, or be at the first few weeks because I am excited and equally worried by what is ahead of me, mainly because I don’t know if I will like the people there, if they will like me, or if we will have the same interests. Should I be worried or not? I have far too much time on my hands to think about it.

By theryangoodman Posted in My Life

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