I crave it! I crave people to comment on my blog, or to mention to me that they have read something and it has helped them in some way. No matter how insignificant a comment may be, it would do so much for me as a blogger, and as a person. I have not only severe confidence issues but I also struggle in situations in which I can make myself look foolish. I always over think what I say after I have said it. It is not a fun experience when you sit somewhere in silence while everyone else around you laughs and jokes it up, simply because you don’t have the confidence to speak up at the fear of making yourself sound like such tool.
Blogging and story writing just makes me feel abit more open, hence why validation would be amazing for me right now, but it’s probably too much to ask.

By theryangoodman Posted in My Life

One comment on “Validation

  1. Overthinking, Need for acceptance? I can only say I know what you are feeling too well. Unfortunatly I know this doesn’t help your situation, It doesn’t fill you with confidence.

    I read your blogs everyday. I can’t say I always give validation or credit to them, but I take in what you are saying and remember the things that make you sad or happy. These blogs give such an insight into your life that I learn about you, even after knowing you so long.

    We all have fears, and it’s important to overstep them by pushing ourselves consistantly. This is harder to do then it seems. I believe in you.

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