Today I went to see the film Limitless! featuring Bradley Cooper. What I was expecting was now what I had received. I was expecting an entire film about how one pill would activate 100% of a man’s brain and show what could be done with it. However, what I got was a drama/thriller about not only addiction but the side affects taken with unproven drugs and illegal dealings. The entire film I found myself begging to see the ending as I was not sure of what was happening. It was a great piece of film making, if not a little bland and ‘studentish’ in places.

“Studentish means that I find myself looking at something someone filmed for a project at school, the camera work was excellent but some of the scenes seemed flustered.” – Ryan Goodman

Not only did I think this but it seemed to actually make sense as the movie went along, which fortunately for me, gives me something to criticize and then correct myself as it made sense. Bradley Cooper plays his part well but maybe someone with a better thriller background could have done the job better. Robert Di Nero’s parts were short and sweet and kept him as a major part in this film.

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The aim of this blog was to express not only how good the film was but also how much it got me thinking. What if we could have a drug which helped us access all of our minds, or is it something that we need people in this world to have a limit of smarts, as to not allow people to gain too much control. For me, the things I would have a drug improve would be my ability to sit down and type stories/my wrestling e-federation without not being able to watch some telly or feel bad about what I have written. In short long written terms, some of the qualities in this movie transcended to me in ways I could not possibly imagine, all in all, it is a provocative piece of film making and will have me thinking and thinking for days.

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One comment on “Limitless

  1. An interesting little post mate 🙂
    I thought Limitless was a very good film, in the sense that it gets you thinking – that’s exactly what a good film should do. Thought provocation is probably the most powerful thing a film can bring about, so it did its job, well 🙂

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