Creative Outflow

Earlier today I started to think about my writing, and after a compliment about this blog and the film reviews, I need to get into my writing more. I need to be able to have the patience to write for the WWA and for my novel thing. I think I have a killer idea for a story but I need the time to sit down and plan it out so I, and hopefully, readers will remain interested in the future. Any updates will be made on this site so keep posted and see if I post a general idea or whatever first.

In other news, lately me and P have been a little on edge, its been a culmination of different things but I think stress has been getting to us. I know she will read this and will enjoy the next sentence. She is amazing, and I never envisage life without her. Despite any obstacle we have pushed through it all, and I intend to continue that trend. Anyway, that is what you get today, at 23:59. Night all!

By theryangoodman Posted in My Life

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