Extreme Rules: Only Partially Extreme

WWE’s most “extreme” night of the year was both surprising and disappointing. Why don’t I do this all chronologically. The opener of CM Punk vs Randy Orton was a good opener, if not a shock that it opened the show. The match itself was probably the most “extreme” of the night following the use of Kendo sticks, chairs and the general arena being used. It would have been ideal for Punk to go over since he hasn’t “won” a feud since Jeff Hardy. Yeah. It now seems Punk will be on his way out of the company, at least for the time being. Overall though the match was good and swung a few times.

The next match was a “meh” moment when Sheamus lost the US championship to Kofi Kingston. A man who never really earnt the shot, and probably would have been better put on someone like Dibiase to give him a major push in the mid card. The match itself was not that bad, but the ending was pretty shabby as Sheamus has to watch Kofi hit the “Boom Drop” through the table.

To be honest, talking about the next match may make me want to cry. The JR/King match thing was possibly the worst thing to ever kill a career. Who is Jack Swagger these days? He tries to be the legitimate heel but he is a former World Heavyweight Champion. Why on earth are they booking him in these matches! What a waste of not only my time, but time that could have been devoted to a better match between actual wrestlers.  The whole “country whipping” stipulation only added to the embarrassment.

Next was, in my opinion, the best match of the night. (Maybe equal to the christian match) Mysterio vs Rhodes was AWESOME! (at points). The segment in the backstage arena near the bar and eating facilities was brilliant and using the surroundings to jump off was amazing. Rhodes showed great main event potential in the match and it was at points extreme. The ending, like any Mysterio match was somewhat upsetting mostly because it robs Rhodes of main event status right now, and that is what he needs.

The diva match was my piss break and the introduction of Kharma doesn’t really excite me, I will be honest. That is all I can say.

Christian vs Del Rio was a LOT better than I had expected it to be. Although Christian winning it meant that he only got it because of Edge, it still shows what a hard working member of the roster he is. Afterall he took a fair few bumps in the match and some of the moves were insane. There was a great use of ladders in this match, even with the small one being used as a weapon itself. The ladder on the outside of the ring attached to the announce table was a genius piece of booking which made it look like it REALLY hurt Del Rio when he landed on it. What this means for Del Rio is that he will now feud with John Cena to main event SummerSlam.

The main event has Cena back at the top of WWE but he doesn’t exactly need it to be on top. The Miz was shown well in the match but has been buried by Cena now, and will again when the rematch probably reaches Over The Limit. Hopefully Miz gets a new feud and can hold his own as a main eventer in the coming months when he deserves another long title reign.

Overall, Extreme Rules didn’t exactly live up to it its name but it was a great ride none the less. It was actually something I enjoyed watching!

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