An Apology

This blog will be an apology to two people. Now when I say apology I will breaking it up for one person, because I appreciate what they did for me, but I am not sorry for other reasons. Confused? Let Me Explain?

Apology Number One:

This is the more non-confusable one of the two. Basically, I apologise to this person for sometimes coming to the wrong conclusion over certain things. I used to think that his former friendship with someone whom hates me, would impact his friendship with me and when certain things happened I blamed my friend for it, despite it not being his fault. I am saying sorry to this person because I understand that they had no control on what was happening, nor did they want the affiliation with the other person.

Also, I have to thank the person for introducing me to loads of things that I love in my life right now. For example, he introduced me to wrestling and even Family Guy. Two of the most important things I watch on telly. We share a love of the same films and games and recently we have been re-talking and it made me realise that I needed to say sorry for my previous actions because they have made a big impact on my life and I can only say that they will be a big help when I go to uni in september. So thank you, and sorry. I will be telling you that this is about you.

Apology Number Two:

This one is confusing but is sort of similar to the one above. It boils down to me saying sorry for not being appreciative of what they put into my life and what they introduced into my life. But I am not sorry for how my friendship with you ended. I am sorry for the fact I didn’t recognise your imput, but Im not sorry about anything else. That’s it.

These are two different people who made an impact on me, but only one of them, the first one, is one of my true friends.

By theryangoodman Posted in My Life

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