Catfish – Powerful and Provocative

Just wow. I am in the process of watching the end of this documentary called Catfish which was on More4 a couple of days ago and I had it recorded. So I want to start this blog/review off by saying that I am still in a state of shock and awe over what I viewed. Not only was I expecting a love story (formed over the internet) which turned sour. The title Catfish gave me a very confused thought, and I was intrigued to see what it was all about.

There are people who are catfish in life, people who keep you on your toes

– Vince (Angela’s Husband)

Let me explain, Angela is the mother of this 8-year-old painting prodigy that painted a photo from the main focus of the film called Yaniv. At the start of the film Yaniv is contacting Angela to gain paintings that her daughter has been painting. Both the daughter, Angela, Angela’s husband and Angela’s other daughter Megan have facebook accounts which Yaniv has contact with. Megan  soon becomes Yaniv’s love interest and they have several internet conversations with each other and phone calls. Megan records a few songs for Yaniv and sends them to him, he seems surprised and very very happy that she has a voice and is very attractive. However, when searching the same song online they find the exact same version by someone of another name. They do this for the other songs and it also happens that they have been copied and the first links on youtube. Yaniv keeps his cool and decides to let it slide and carry on talking to Megan.

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Megan keeps taking about a horse farm and about how she will always be there. After a drive to someone far, Yaniv and his friends go down to where Megan and Angela are (about a 400 mile drive) to find out what is happening. They get to the horse farm and they see there are no horses there and they also find the mail Yaniv was sending. The address was correct but Megan had never been there. After a nights thought, Yaniv decides to go to the family home and suprise the “family” to see if they “really exist”. (Sorry for all the air quotes). The underpinning story here is that someone has been doing some amazing art and Yaniv is now unsure about whether it was the 8-year-old or someone else.

When they get to the house, Angela is there but looks nothing like her FB profile. Megan is not there and neither is the 8 year old daughter. They can’t get hold of Megan. After a long day of chatting and such, Yaniv and pals think that Angela is in love with him and that she is lying about the whole thing. In a private word to Angela, Yaniv insinuates that the two need to chat and that Angela has an ‘amazing imagination’. His thoughts were right. Angela had created around 10 facebook accounts, all with fake pictures, status’s, and siblings! It is a fabrication that lasted 8 months that Angela orchestrated. She had two phones and was “Megan”. She made statements at the end that she had cancer, and that Megan was real but was in rehab for alcohol for four months. At the end of the film, Vince makes the quote at the top and links Catfish to the show. It is also said that Angela never had cancer, and Megan never, ever existed. Even when Yaniv left for home, she still lied to him. She deleted all the fake accounts and made a permanent account for herself. Yaniv lost 8 months of his life on the experience.

Overall, I can’t get my head around it, still. It was extraordinary. Go watch it, cause I missed so much out. Last point, the paintings, were Angela’s. It was always about her. Ok, last point for real, the documentary was origninally about this 8-year-old painter, not the internet deception it turned out to be.

Thanks all for reading!

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