Today I went for swimming and a relaxing day in the sauna/steam room facilities at Mounts. Now I don’t have the highest self esteem and/or a good view on my body. However, during these sort of days, it doesn’t seem to mess with me that much. Mainly because everyone is as vulnerable as me. Everyone probably feels the same in the situation. It might sound stupid to some of you, but it’s good not to have those worries, even if its just for a few minutes of a week, or a month. Thoughts like this will continue with me for the rest of the next few years im sure. However, I see people and realise they feel like it 24/7. It must be heart breaking, and its probably that these people don’t actually look that bad. I have two major concerns with my body; my stomach and my face. Hear me out on this one.

1. Majorly, my stomach is the biggest part of my worries, because my little beer belly thing is always sticking out and looking at me funny. It’s not that bad, but I still feel I can change a little.

2. My face is the first thing people see when they meet me. I wear glasses which I am cool with, I love wearing them. But I feel when people see some spots they get the wrong impression. Now I try lots to try and look my best. With braces off I now smile more and I LOVE IT. My confidence grows quite a lot.

Anyway, the point is I count myself lucky that I am not changing my lifestyle to change my look. And I urge everyone I know to not change their lifestyles.

By theryangoodman Posted in My Life

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