Im listening to what could have been the first album that I wanted a kid. Keane’s Hopes and Fears has some of the best track work I have listened too before. I only got the album last Christmas (2009) from my girlfriend, and since then, it has been a nice little time waster to chill to such tracks as “Somewhere Only We Know”, the bands first hit single. Since then, the albums keep getting better and it is one of the only bands I constantly try to look out for. That list is at five bands. 1. Keane, 2. I Fight Dragons, 3. Take That, 4. Lonely Island 5. Civil Twilight. Two of the bands here are not considered main stream. After all, I Fight Dragons are waiting to publish their debut album, which I beg becomes a big seller. They are a terrific band. Keane are not considered popular, and I like this fact, because I see myself as one of a ‘select few’ who gets the bands brilliant music.

This blog post was made why? Because I am fully at peace with my music taste and library, otherwise I wouldn’t be who I am today. And That would be no fun. 🙂

By theryangoodman Posted in My Life

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