Long Time, No Speak

Hey all, I haven’t really spoken to you guys recently and I am sorry for that. I would lie and say I have been busy, but I haven’t. I just haven’t felt the need to blog anything, nothing personal.

Anyway, how have you guys been. I recently (and by recently started writing it today while I was sitting in the staff canteen) started writing and planning a short story, name not confirmed yet. The general idea of it is for me to get back to my roots and write a 1st person account of a traumatic experience. I want to add a deep story layer to this though. So expect news in the next few weeks.

Second point, my E-fed WWA has been chugging along slowly recently and I know why, when I started thinking about it, I had such a different idea of how things would go. Maybe that was me being naive, I don’t know. Basically, no one is ever happy, because they are either upset that they lost or that a character was not used correctly. The way for things to be done now, will be for me to take a no nonsense approach to things and only include the people who work hard. I want people to have initiative and do it themselves. I want people to be excited to want to do things with their characters that others are not doing, to make them stand out. If this does not happen then I am going to have to shut it down and start working on something else.

Rant over.

Thirdly and lastly, things have been ok recently, just need to get into the summer and sort some stuff out. 🙂

By theryangoodman Posted in My Life

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