Mind – Life and Death

How do our Mind’s perceive things, well I’m going to take a look into 10 different areas which relate in five poems. This is the first instalment, 1. Life and Death!

Life and Death, completely different, but surprisingly, they both have the same effect on people, for instance in Life, some worry about giving birth, bringing new life, Will it go well? Anyway, in Death, some worry about dying, for example, What if I die in my sleep tonight?

See, it’s strange, now let’s take a look into how we look at Life, more deeply.

Life, it can change in a matter of seconds, some people say their work is their life, some say their family is their life, but here I am asking the age old question, “What is life?” What’s it mean?

Some say Life starts at 60 or 50, Life starts when you want to, life is when you enjoy how thing’s are going in your life, when your miserable, you don’t have a life.
Have you ever heard of your social life, its how many friends you have and how often you are with them; is your social life your life? Your life is you, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Death, the end of your life? Death affects us all at some point, but how do we deal with it? Death of a family member or a friend always upsets us but we all die at points, its how we die which affects us the most, nowadays are getting murdered and beaten, it’s a touchy subject, so I’ll leave it for now.

Life after death! What is it and where did it come from well I’m ready to tell!
There are many different types of lives after death, reincarnation which comes from the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism which involves people’s souls coming back as another form, if you have been bad, you will go down the chain, if you have been good you move up the chain the lowest form could even be a stone!

Christianity’s form of life after death consist of two places, heaven and hell, you go to heaven when you’ve been good and hell when you’ve been bad. Many Christians say that heaven is ruled by god and hell is ruled by the devil, people don’t know what god looks like, but strangely, people have an idea what the devil looks like, he has horns and is red and holds a trident, strange huh?

This is something I wrote A LONG time ago. I hav’ent read through it so I don’t know what you guys will think. Anyway, now that you can all comment using twitter, I expect the people clicking the tweets should now be able to comment and let me know what you all think 🙂

By theryangoodman Posted in Rambles

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