No Blog but All Play

Hey everyone, recently I have not been blogging as much as I should. That is a very bad thing. I am now determined to blog again lots to make sure the people that actually read this now what is going on. So, what has been going on?

A few days ago I got a new phone and therefore a new contract. The phone is good and I am loving just messing around it with it trying to make it mine officially. The contract is a bit of money but it is worth it for the phone and minutes and such I get. It is the little piece of focus which keeps me in tact. What else has been going on? Nothing! I have been sitting around doing nothing, I am getting so bored recently and need something to focus on fully.

If you have any suggestions then let me know, apart from that, I will try and blog again tonight or tomorrow about something more relevant.


By theryangoodman Posted in My Life

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