Captain America – Film Review

Today I went to watch Captain America and I was umm-ing and arr-ing about wanting to see it. Since watching Dark Knight, no other trailers for superhero movies interest me. Both Thor and Green Lantern didn’t really seem like they were well thought out. Green Lantern especially, was set to be a massive disappointment, I will save judgement for when it comes out on DVD I think.

Anyway – to Captain America and Chris Evans. First thing I will say is Chris Evans is great when he looks skinny and it such a refreshing thing to see such a character with the technology used. The film begins with a tantalising shot of the shield and then you are brought to 1942 and the beginning of the story of Steve Rodgers. The film builds quite slowly from there and there is no real explanation of my much that goes on. This is both a good and bad thing. It’s good in the sense that it plays to the people who are well endowed in the Marvel universe and can assume the missing plot lines/points of interests. The flip side of that is that people who don’t know much about the comic world will find it hard to follow. I’m personally growing into the comic world, so I was only half ok.

The action/war scenes in this film are fantastic to say the least, and the emotional conflict of some of the characters is brilliant, the only down point is that some relationships could have been explored more thoroughly.

One special shout out to Dominic Cooper (who will be starring in ‘The Devils Double’ soon) who plays Howard Stark because he really seems to suit the role, playing the younger version of the character which appeared in Iron Man 2.

The ending to the film was the most intrigueing part of the film, giving the viewers an illusion of something, then ripping that illusion away. It should also be noted that there is a suprise after the credits.

Overall, I thought the film was ok, it was a solid effort but doesn’t really match Iron Man in any way. 6/10

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