Crossing the Genre: Games to Film P.1

With the world of film now turning to books/short stories/comics and graphic novels and games to provide plots for the summer blockbusters, I will do a series of blogs dedicated to this subject. This one covers the issue of video games becoming film projects which Hollywood desperately want to happen.

There is massive list of Video Game/Movie projects which either have lost directors, scripts have not been up to standard etc. Take the ‘Halo’ movie for example, that has always been a movie that many wanted/assumed would get made. However, over the years, the opportunity/circumstance has not been available. The Halo: Reach live action ad campaign was one of those moments where Game/Film intertwined to create something real and believeable. This is where film/game cross over should lay. Short and powerful segments of live action that convey a feeling of awesome-ness to the viewers.

A shot from the live action trailer, 'Deliver Hope' for Halo: Reach

The trend of live action trailers are designed to test the water with live action film versions of games. We have seen it with Halo: Reach, The Saboteur and Assassins Creed 2 (the latter two being less well known).

A snippet of the IGN Game to Film List

With a growing list of potential movies, there is always a chance that one of these projects could be made. There is a greater chance that some of these will forever live in the graveyard of Hollywood.

There have been successful adaptations with films like “Silent Hill” and “Resident Evil” which have been live action and have managed to play into the games respectively. The concept of fitting a ten hour experience into a two hour film is always going to be a difficult task, let alone picking actors who fit into the position.

In the next part I will discuss the projects which have been green lighted and are set for release soon – plus a look over those ideas which don’t exactly play into the gaming genre.

– Ryan


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