So I sit here in my fancy new digs in Birmingham thinking to myself. “I love my friends” “I love everyone here”. My friends at home have been fantastically patient with me knowing that I can’t give them more time than I would like to and my friends here are awesome people I’m glad I have met. I won’t name names but there are people that I could easily see myself seeing on a daily basis throughout the next two years. Friendships like mine have been very un-complicated since someone left my life. I know this is confusing to some of you readers, but to those that know me, it makes so much sense. Stop rambling Ryan. I am currently loving my life here in Brum and couldn’t imagine what would be happening if I was still in N’town.

What’s been happening here? I have been chilling around and partying a fair bit. It’s been a breath of fresh air being able to reinvent myself and be able to fully be who I want to be. Useless labels held me back in the past, but not anymore. It’s been such a good experience to let go of my issues and be able to talk to people randomly in the lift or in the hall. This whole confidence is so amazing and I have officially become a Uni student and LOVING IT. That was over enthusiastic.

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