A wider range of acceptable music

After stealing someone’s hard drive for music and looking through it several thoughts entered my head.

  • “I would love to have such a varied piece of music taste so I could be more engaging in conversations.”
  • I really need to get better at buying albums and giving them a full listen before deleting songs.
This made me think of the best albums I have ever brought, or that I own currently. It would be easy for me to go on some I Fight Dragon rant about how good they are but simply they aren’t the best albums I have as I simply don’t like all the songs on the album. Are you ready for a totally insane list of my top albums!

The Script – Science and Faith

Why this album? It is simply faultless, every track seems to work and their is a good variety in the songs to keep the ten track album interesting. The album is not exactly a masterpiece but is what all modern ‘pop’ should try to achieve with every album because it builds well off a solid debut album and deserves so much more credit than it gets. I know it sounds ‘gay’ but romantic music doesn’t get any better.
Keane – Perfect Symmetry
Keane are my favorite band because they are unliked by so many people and its an unjustified hate. Keane’s pop outing in this third album is only slightly better than ‘Under the Iron Sea’ mainly because every song is different and it’s not all slow like the fore mentioned album. However, ‘Under the Iron Sea’ provides super tracks also, it’s just that Perfect Symmetry (and the track itself) are fantastic to listen to. It’s a perfect album for me.
Civil Twilight – Civil Twilight
This is such a different album compared to the others. There is so much subtlety in this album that it transcends a good time. Not only are their tracks that are quick and powerful, you have the tracks that start slow and build towards a brilliant finale. It’s an album that has so many good tracks and many of them would be great for any film/tv show. So if you’re interested in that, then give this a listen, even a little bit.
I finish this blog by asking anyone that does read it, please comment or just tell me in person your best albums and why. Music is such a powerful conversation tool and music is something that anyone can chill to.

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