Course Misdirection

Let me say this straight away, I really like a majority of my course right now. I have found a couple of people I really get on well with and we recently did a presentation that went well. However, there are two modules which seem ‘misdirected’.

Misdirected – The term used to describe the teaching style of two of my lecturers at BCU right now.

What has been happening is that my Data Analysis lecturer basically works at 100 miles an hour, which is fine for people who have been doing maths in the past year. What this guy doesn’t understand is that some of us haven’t done it recently (three years for example) and so when we can’t get a logical answer within his allotted two seconds then he moans we don’t participate in a “raising of the hands” bulls**t which he employs to “gauge the ability of the group”. IF PEOPLE DON’T PARTICIPATE IT MEANS THAT THEY DON’T KNOW THE ANSWER YET! He coined this beauty yesterday “I don’t want you in my class if you don’t participate”. What an arse. I mean REALLY, REALLY? He expects us (in the fourth week) to work at his level of pace and to then understand the processes which are involved. I get that we need maths, but surely there is a more sophisticated way of doing it which should allow more one on one support and a generalised teaching of how the processes used help with achieving super quick answers. Practice makes perfect I guess but this takes it to a new extreme.

Secondly my other lecturer for Software Development seems to be super keen on throwing countless amounts of information about developing software that doesn’t really help with the practical precision of this issue within the confines of the program we use. It seems to be that both of these lessons could do with a different approach to engage and help the people that are in need of the help. If this continues, these two modules will be VERY hard to pass. Sigh.

By theryangoodman Posted in My Life

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