Home Away From Hotel

Whatttttttt? Your right, that title makes no sense, then again none of them do anymore.

I went home this weekend to see a few of my friends and to take part in a poker tournament. When I got home I realised the difference between what was my room and now what seems like a moderate guest room. There are still my posters up and some of my games on a shelf, but apart from that, there is nothing that would say “this is Ryan’s room.” I am not exactly annoyed that this has happened, but frustrated that my stuff has been cleared away into the cupboard. If anything, it seems like I am a burden. I went for a shower there and my stuff was in the airing cupboard so it’s like any trace of me is away in cupboards until I eventually decide to return. This makes me think about how well I have settled in Birmingham;

I think of this as home right now, because it has all my stuff in and its surrounded by people who are excited to see me everyday. I love living here, its such an amazing experience. I had to physically stop myself from saying in front of my parents, “I’m going home tomorrow” because this is my home right now. My other home seems like a hotel, because it seems alien with some major luxuries. All in all I think that things have changed within me recently. Home is where the heart is.

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