Ryan Leveled Up: Perspective + 100xp

Recently (and when I say recently I mean yesterday, I just want to sound an arse) a flatmate of mine has had their heart broken because of some guy’s “loss of feelings”. Let’s be honest now, there was no warning and he ended a relationship of five years because of this thought and it seems like there is a second meaning/motive. Either way that’s not really a discussion for here. Let’s put this in perspective of me;

As soon as I heard the news I was shocked, I saw how upset the girl was and it suddenly hit me, this is what my girlfriend would be like. It then made me realise I never want to be that guy, that dickhead who could break a girls heart so simply. I love my girlfriend and I would never want to hurt her in a million years – seeing someone hurt made me realise how much love I have. I’m such a sentimental bastard. I never want to cause any pain. My relationship is such a precious thing and we have been through a lot and are still really strong, this is such a good feeling. I don’t know why my reaction has been like this, but it has almost changed me so quickly.

No matter what, put all the petty things aside.

I was looking at holidays today for me and her and to be honest with you readers (for those of you that exist) I will marry this girl – and I will make her the happiest person alive and always protect her from pain. No matter what, always and forever.

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