Crossing the Genre: Games to Film P.2

Projects abound in the movie world with gaming origins, let’s take a look what they are!


The PS3 exclusive was a big seller and is many fans major PS3 interest, a sequel pushed the franchise further and was a commercial and critical success. With media attention fully focused on the third installment, a movie was announced with Mark Wahlberg set to play Nathan Drake. The move was panned by fans who saw Wahlberg as a movie/game killer after the more and disappointing Max Payne movie.


The Halo movie, in my opinion, will never happen. The expectation of fans will be too heavy for any director/star to help live up to. You just know that if they do something about Masterchief, they would make him take his helmet off or something of that nature. The Halo movie would cost a lot of money but wouldn’t exactly pull at the box office fully.

The Sims:

This project might be possibly the worst idea for a film I have ever heard. The premise itself is rumoured to be around someone playing the sims and then their life being impacted by the game. I mean – common! What an awful idea really. Hollywood ideas are well and truly dead.

The Madden Curse:

Now you’re thinking, is this a game? The whole story of the movie does come from Madden NFL where cover athletes start having bad luck when they appear on the cover of the game. The premise of the movie is that a fan is featured and his luck starts to change. A TV comedy short is all this deserves really and I don’t expect this to get greenlit any time soon.


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