Hard Decisions and Life Lessons

This is a two in one combo deal for you readers as I really don’t feel the need to rant and rave on two separate posts.

First of all I had some very shocking and upsetting news Saturday morning. BabyXbox (Xbox 2) was stolen from my flat late that morning. The circumstances of the theft are too long to go into but let’s say people, including myself, were careless. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved and cherished that like it was a child and I will forever be annoyed for the night and making the wrong decision about where I was moving it etc. Fact is, it has taught me something and it is part of life. Crime and scum are in this world and we need to be aware of this. I have never really been a victim of crime, but it hurt me to know someone would do something like that. However, I feel that things are getting better and if the insurance pays out, I can get back on with things and forget the ordeal. Enough of that though;

Now that it’s November, hard decisions need to be made soon. The hard decision would  be about who I would live next year. In a way I am annoyed people have said they want to live with me, because the decisions and the choices are too much. It’s like we have cliques and it’s going to be hard to split them/expand them for when we have to choose who to live with. For example, I said it would be a good idea when it was suggested to me to live with 3 other people. (Names not disclosed). One of the people I am dead set on wanting to live with, because they are such a lovely person and I know I could trust them. However, it is like they are a three and I would be an extra wheel on the machine that was their ride. I don’t feel like I am close enough to the other two to warrant wanting to live with them next year.

Why can’t things ever be simple?

The one person I want to live with is in Leicester and I have to wait to live with her, but when it happens, it…will….be…amazing.

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