Put Me On Shuffle

There are several versions of Ryan that people see, you have the constantly nice Ryan (which only really the GF sees), you have the nervous worrier Ryan, you have the drunk Ryan and you have the normal me. I seem to bounce from version to version constantly. I usually do this in situations I can’t control, like the Drunk me. Now I wouldn’t like to think that I am being arrogant when I say this, but I find myself to be humorous some of the time. I love to make people laugh, and myself in doing so. I don’t seem to have any shame when drinking and cracking jokes. I would love to have the confidence to be like a stand up comic and try and crack jokes, even when it is a weekly trip to the pub.

Everyone’s favorite version of me is my drunk side, for the exact reason above, I don’t seem to worry, I don’t hold back and I can completly completely be who I want to be when I am tipsy/drunk. This makes me so happy, but I wish I could do it when I am sober.

I mean, I love being each version of myself, even the worrier, because it gives me perspective and gives me an opportunity to make the right decision for me.

What do you guys think?

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