In a Groove

Today I had this sudden wave of feeling that I had officially settled. This came after me realising that in a way I am not excited about going back to Northampton because I am so settled in here. I think about things like “It’s a shame I am going back this weekend, I brought some nice food to have and it will probably go off”. I know I don’t have to go home but I miss my friends there, plus the added bonus that P will be there this weekend makes thing’s a lot easier. I was walking back from town twice today, once with friends from my course and the other by myself with shopping in hand. This is – like so many of lifes little odd situations, a little tap on my shoulder to say “YOU LIVE HERE!”. I realised that if I was to go town by myself, like I used to do back home, I would feel more settled. Hell, just a year earlier I was telling people to walk around and get lost, mainly so that when they found their way back home they would feel more comfortable in their surroundings.

I have also become a little more sociable recently, by stopping and talking to people in the street I know and basically being able to be blunt about my opinion in my classic style. Why at such odd moments do we think of these type of things, is it fate?

By theryangoodman Posted in My Life

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