I have said over the past few weeks I plan to do this and this and this “tomorrow”. Tomorrow never happens and it’s a shame because I really need to sort things out. Not only do I need to make sure I do some work and organise myself, but I also need to focus on things, get this mess of a flat clean, do something productive and make this a better experience. Don’t get me wrong, but things are going SO well here, but I can’t deal with how bad the Kitchen get’s in my flat, it really gets me down when it’s a mess, because then it feels hard to relax in there. I went to Adam’s earlier and it was immaculate, when he cleaned it looked and felt good because it looked clean and it automatically made the room better. I know I am probably talking a load of bullshit here but it really is becoming frustrating and it is hard to live in. What else do I plan to do tomorrow? Expand my social horizon and vlog again. I want to be able to take what I did with my blog yesterday and be able to freely express myself when talking. So tomorrow I am going to vlog about what is currently happening to Call of Duty, not only as a franchise but the public backlash around it, it may go horribly wrong, it may not.

We shall see what happens but I am going to need everyone’s continued support and persistence to push me through my laziness. It’s becoming an issue.

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