Activision – Killing One Franchise At A Time.

This is a follow onto my blog the other day, what on earth is going on with this MW3’s score!

To say this is one of the most hated games on the internet is probably going to be a major understatement. Fans are taking to the internet (especially to absolultly hate on this game, not as a game, but as its actual franchise. Let’s consider for a minute that all of this not only looks bad on Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Raven, it looks bad on Treyarch who have had nothing to do with this game. Some fans don’t understand that although it is their responsibility to make constantly good games, there are different developers and studios that have made this particular game possible. It is not fair to blame “the franchise” as you are painting other studios with a broad brush of mediocrity. It’s the idiot fans that gets me pissed.

“I have played every modern warfare games since call of duty 4”

– Brooily

You have played every MW game? What about all the other call of duty games? That’s like saying I have played every GOW game. It just doesn’t make sense in the fact that these types of games are always going to have the same scope. Innovation is lost when you have to pump out constant games. Let’s look at how many developers had to work on MW3. Infinity Ward (who had the worst build up possible after a disastrous legal battle with the former spearheads), Sledehammer Games (Only brought in for multiplayer action) and Raven (All external systems like Elite). Looking at this it is hard to generally blame MW3 for it’s overall pitfalls. If there are problems with the campaign and the menus, then the blame must go to Infinity Ward. If there are problems with the ‘stale’ multiplayer then you have to blame Sledgehammer, although they were building on existing code so they can’t really be held responsible. As for Call of Duty: Elite and it’s failing mobile platform, then the blame must go to Raven. However, picking apart a game and generally giving it an awful score not only devalues the work the companies do, but harms the ideas they have, this game couldn’t be helped, it was dogged by the legal issues and having another studio asked to come in and help complete, would have created difficult continuity issues between the single and multiplayer. This leads me onto hurting Treyarch, the studio behind Black Ops. They are probably half way through development of “Black Ops 2”. They must now create a new and exciting game or suffer the same fate as MW3.

One of the main points of all of this is what is the general problem with these games, the publisher. Activision pump out games like they are going out fashion. They seem to have worn people’s patience with the COD series now, and have put immense pressure on their studios to get the games out year after year and then still demand innovation. The problem I have with all of this is that Activision is systematically killing franchises. It is so frustrating seeing a company mis-treat it’s property so much. Granted MW3 was the biggest launch of anything ever, they killed a similar franchise and genre by doing so! Guitar Hero was a beloved franchise and was being treated fine leading into GH3. Then came the sequels and add-ons. Guitar Hero was ruined from the inside with Activision constantly asking for more games as it was a cash cow. If there was ever a publisher who deserved to have a true media backlash, it’s them. All people ask is that you maybe take a year out to truely innovate the genre of the FPS and create a once in a lifetime Call of Duty experience, not just a “I can wait till next year”.

Tell me what you guys think in the comments below from twitter, facebook, anything. I would love to hear your opinions!


One comment on “Activision – Killing One Franchise At A Time.

  1. It’s sold more then Black Ops did in it’s 1st week, the only people that use meta-critic are hardcore gamers that like JRPGs the majority of gamers are casuals that like FPSs, Call of Duty will never die

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