Sunday Blues

Today is a good day in the sense that searching for a house for next year is no longer an issue. Today is a frustrating day in the sense that everyone in the flat has been busy doing their own things and I have been a little lifeless and tired after being woken up last night with activity in the kitchen. What I find to be strange is how weird Sunday’s feel to me these days. Since coming to Uni, I no longer feel like I should be obligated to do anything interesting on Sunday’s, yet I feel like I should. I don’t know how to explain it, Sunday’s used to be a day of relaxing or whatever but this is a new level of relaxing. I look at the clock more and more it’s like, another week ahead, another week until I go home.

In all honesty, I am only partially excited about going home, I have things to do when I get there, like sort my room back out so it is my room again, but also catch up with people and whatnot. I feel like going home will be an odd experience as I have only been back for a max of 6 days since being at Uni. 6 Days in 3 months is pretty weird. I am excited at seeing P for the whole three weeks and christmas, I am more excited about my birthday and finally being able to spend the whole day doing stuff I want to do, instead of just heading off to work. A gathering will follow, maybe not a full blown party, but maybe a takeaway and a chilled atmosphere with some music and people chatting in groups and mingling.

We shall see what the next two weeks bring for me as I prepare to get xmas ready!

By theryangoodman Posted in My Life

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