What have I learnt?

We come to the end of 2011 and things are going very, very, very well! I have been at Uni now for around 3 months and I look back on this first term with happy memories but also about all that I have learnt. I have seen myself mature an insane amount by living away from home mainly because I have began being such an independent individual. No one nags at me to do anything and I take responsibility for my own actions like washing, cooking and tidying. I may sound spoilt in all of this but I used to be only independent with cooking back home, and being in control of everything now makes me so much more worried about going home. I want to go home and still be my independent self without the constant nag or restraints of being at home. You see when I was at home a few months ago I was pushed into cleaning up after my parents on certain occasions and being away and being responsible for my own processions has taught me that I need to be able to be completely clean when I go back home so I don’t feel like such a burden.

The other thing I have learnt is that I shouldn’t care as much about what people say. The world is full of ‘trolls’. I was asked by someone to do some vlogs because I keep saying that I want to, but the main reason I don’t is because I worry about what people say.

Is that really all I can think of? I suck.


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