First Year

I haven’t blogged in a while again, I am sorry for that. This is a quick update for anyone that even reads this. I finished my first year of Uni and can happily say I barely regret anything. The things regret is maybe not letting my hair down more and taking more chances. Not only that but I would have liked to finished certain work earlier than I perhaps did. Apart from that, it has been such an amazing experience and I am happy in knowing that I can settle down next year in my house and be able to do the things I have wanted to focus on this year next year. It will be such fun to live with my coursemates and I know they will teach me so much more than I have already learnt off them this year. Not only have a I learnt academic stuff off them, but also life lessons and how good life can be at times. Call it corny or gay, but it is really good to have people there for me/who actually want to spend time with me. I hope they feel under no obligation too, like because they are on my course and they have to see me. I know that I worry about these sort of things far too often. I try to impress too many people, and that is a mistake I know, but its something that I still have to go through.


Wow, this turned into something so much more than I was expecting. 

By theryangoodman Posted in My Life

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