Picking the Right Course…

This is a phrase that, if you are in sixth form, you will hear so much and you will eventually become sick of it.

Let me take a moment to be honest with you, I had no idea what I wanted to do at Uni, I looked through my options and thought “what am I good at/what do I enjoy the most”. Looking at it, IT was always the best option for me and despite it being such a competitive field, I was confident I could break into the pack. However, I am in my third week and thinking – what is the difference between all the other courses? With my flatmates all engaged into work and really being pushed so early, I am looking at what seems to be a very slack schedule and a coursework list that seems to consist of tests more than theoretical thoughts/methodology.

I know I know that I am in the third week and the first year shouldn’t get me thinking like this, but I am actually jealous of people who have this huge amount of work to do. It gives them something productive to do when they get home from lectures. In terms of lectures I sit there thinking, I can’t really take any extra notes which aren’t on the presentations which doesn’t really help with the extra knowledge we will need.

Am I stupid to let the first few weeks to bug me so much?

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